On relocation...

As I began my plans for relocating to the Raleigh/Durham area, I realized that I had very little time to find a home to rent.  I also feared that finding the type of rental property that I desired would be extremely difficult while still out of state.  I contacted Delia Vedia to assist me with my search for a home to rent. 

Delia was prompt in her reply to me and quickly set up property viewings that worked with my tight schedule.  She found me a house that was exactly what I was looking for and promptly followed through with the necessary paperwork to secure the home for me.  She was with me to make sure I settled into the home.  I rented the house for approximately one year, and Delia was an amazing property manager.  Whenever I called Delia, she always responded quickly and followed through with any issues or concerns I had.  She was never invasive and completely respected my privacy while I rented.  When I decided to move, she assisted me in the process in ways I didn’t expect.  She was very courteous to me and my schedule when showing the home to other potential renters.   I was also very pleased to receive my security deposit so quickly. 

Since Delia was such an amazing property manager, I decided to hire her as my realtor as I began looking for a home to purchase.  Saying that Delia was supportive throughout the entire process is an understatement.  She really took my desires into account as she showed me numerous homes.  She succeeded in finding me a home that completely filled my dreams.  She worked with me and all parties involved [attorney, loan officer, inspectors, etc] to make sure all my needs were being met and all of my questions were fully answered.  She was even there supporting me at closing- not as just my realtor…but as my friend, too.  Anyone who works with Delia will be thrilled and know that they made the right choice.

Thanks, Delia!!



Marva Woods

Dear Safe Harbour Properties:

My family cannot begin to thank you for all that you and, in particular, Ms. Delia Vedia, have done to assist us in our relocation to Raleigh, North Carolina, from the MidWest.

While renting a property through your company upon our arrival to the city, Ms. Vedia was incredibly responsive regarding any issue arising regarding the property, always returning my calls with an answer that day, and always lining up very responsible, polite and knowledgeable repair companies when the need arose.

Upon our decision to purchase a home in the Raleigh area, Ms. Vedia exceeded our expectations as our realtor, not just because she would organize her schedule to coordinate attending showings with us, but also because she was so knowledgeable about the updating work that had gone into the homes we viewed as well as issues that might arise due to the plots’ landscaping; because of her wealth of desirable contacts for legal consultation, home inspection, interior painting; because of her loving and gentle attitude toward my children; and because her negotiation skills during the purchase agreement and subsequent inspection report phases were top notch.

We could not be more thrilled with our new home, and we will be forever grateful to Ms. Vedia for her efforts toward assisting us in acquiring it!

Best Regards,

The Raymond Family

On rental property management...

Ms. Delia Vedia and Safe Harbour Properties have been super to work with. I have been relying on them to watch over my property in Raleigh for close to three years and have been very pleased with their service. Recently when switching tenants, Delia was instrumental in finding good trade people to help almost renovate the interior of the house at rates I would not been able to get myself. It is also a comfort to know that Delia and her company are watching over the tenants while I'm away on travel. She moves quickly to help them if they have an emergency or need service which is the way I want to treat my renters - the way I'd want to be treated. I highly recommend Delia and the company she represents.

Gary Layton